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The Quarry Centre

Glencoe's Independant Touist Info Centre







As the East Quarry got larger, so it became more difficult to get the slate from the quarry to the shore. As a result, two magnificent Slate Arches were constructed, with one surviving today and making a memorable landmark at the entrance to the village.

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The Quarry Centre takes its' name from the Quarry located opposite. The village of Ballachulish grew up around these works since the first slate was produced in 1693.

Ballachulish Quarry

Much of Glasgow and Edinburghs' skyline is made from the hardwearing slate from the several quarriers around the village.

Over 75% of the rock cut was waste. This combined with many conflicts caused by the poor working conditions as well as cheap slate from the continent meant the quarry closed for good in 1955.

Visitors are encouraged to take a walk down memory lane and explore the quarry which contains recently regenerated footpaths with many information boards on the history and geology of the area.


You can even download the Ballachulish Quarry app from the Quarry Centres' free WIFI and listen to the sounds and tales of part of Britains industrial heritage as you walk around.


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